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Hidden Gun Shelf Usage and Installation Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Bellewood Designs Hidden Gun Shelf. Below are a set of instructions and a video for your new gun shelf. If you have any questions please call or text us at 502-771-1596, use the Chat Now option on this page or email us at support@bellewooddesigns.com.

Usage and Installation Instructions

1. Locate the bubble pouch that was included in the box with your new shelf. The pouch contains a white key (looks like a knob), three screws, three fender washers and three drywall anchors.

2. Place the white key (may appear different than in the picture), on top of your shelf in the location shown in the picture below. This will be approximately 4" from the right and 4" from the front of the shelf.

Hidden Gun Shelf Key Placement

3. Once the key is in place, press upwards on the bottom of the shelf to release the latch. This is a another form of security for your shelf: you have to know it's holding something, you have to know it requires a strong magnet to open it, you have to know where to place the magnet and finally you have to know to press upwards on the shelf to open it. The video below shows how this works.

4. With the shelf open, take note of the three holes predrilled in the back brace of the cabinet. You will want a set of helping hands for the next few steps.

5. Place the shelf against the wall in the location you would like to hang it. Using a pencil, nail or screw, mark the three hole locations on your wall. WE SUGGEST THAT AT LEAST ONE OF THE SCREWS PENETRATE A WALL STUD. Although it is not necessary, it will be easier to hang the shelf level.

6. Screw the drywall anchors into the marked spots on your wall. Again, hopefully you were able to find a stud for one of the screws but if not that's OK the drywall anchors will hold the shelf securely. Using a philips screwdriver (drill) press firmly against the anchor while screwing into the wall.

7. Using the fender washers and the screws provided, you're now ready to screw them through the back brace and into the wall to mount your shelf.