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Why Magnetic Locks On Bellewood Designs Hidden Gun Cabinets

Everything seems to be high tech today. Smart phones, smart locks, electric vehicles, facial recognition and other innovations are common in our everyday lives. It's no surprise that we are often asked why we don't use RFID or fingerprint sensor locks on our hidden gun cabinets. The answer is really simple - THEY CAN ALL FAIL!

Fingerprint sensors aren't common on smartphones these day's, but when they were how many times did you try to unlock your phone but failed? Secured doors often require RFID cards to unlock them. If you've ever used them regularly like me, I'm sure you've also experienced the reader failing and running into the door you expected to unlock after waiving your card in front of the reader. When you need to retrieve your secured firearm in an emergency, you can't afford a failed fingerprint read, or a failed RFID scan, or worse yet, dead batteries rendering your hidden gun storage useless.

magnetic lock

Our magnetic locks and key can never fail. It's a magnet; it will long outlive you and can never NOT work. You never have to worry about dead batteries. You never have to reposition your finger and try, try, try again. You never have to worry about getting an RFID card programmed. You don't have to talk to Alexa or Siri and hope they understood you. Your magnetic lock and key will work 100% of the time and will always allow for almost immediate access to your firearm.

But is it Secure?

Nothing replaces a proper gun safe. But who wants a big metal safe by their front door where they are likely to need their gun? Or in their bedroom should they need their gun at night? But everyone should be concerned with securely storing your gun out of sight and inaccessible to unauthorized people (kids, visitors, etc.). Our gun cabinets with the magnetic locks are secure. First, you have to know that it contains a weapon. Second, you have to know where the powerful magnetic is located. Third, you have to know where to place the magnetic key to unlock it. Unless you've showed people how to do all three, chances are they'll never figure it out.

We specialize in hidden gun cabinets and have built ten's of thousand's of them for over six years now. We have tried almost 100 different types of locks and the only one that never fails is our magnetic locks.